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Sugar sachets are an everyday product but they may be a collector’s object as well. Sachets of different sizes become a support for literature and art, for tales told by writers and artists of the image witnessing simple concepts and philosophical speculations or for supporting images collections having the peculiarity of not having been chosen accidentally.

Figli di Pinin Pero presents you the special series of sugar sachets of ones’ own conceiving divided in the following categories:

Collections of sachets collections of sachets with the size of
                               45x70mm, 50x70 mm and 45x80 mm

sug@R(T)collections of sachets being part of the
                              artistic/cultural project "sug@R(T)"

where the sugar sachet becomes a “play
                               object” thanks to social games purposely
                               conceived with the aim of being made on sugar

Bustilla collections of Bustillas, the original sachets
                               planned by Figli di Pinin Pero, unique in their
                               shape (120x25mm), wrapping characteristics
                               and precise printing graphic

4sugar collections of the brand new sugar sachets in                                the shape of a regular tetrahedron.

sug@rTUBE collections purposely planned for sachets having                                a "tube" shape.


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